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Chemical Abuse-Dependency

Contact us today for you or your loved on concerning substance abuse or dependence. We specialize in interventions, evaluations, individual, group and family care while utilizing urinalysis and other social support systems.

Substance Abuse Outpatient Treatment

  • Adolescent/Adult Outpatient Treatment
  • Relapse Prevention/Impulse Control     
  • Substance Abuse/Compulsive Gambling  
  • Character Development/Life Skills
  • Family Dynamics for Parents with Teens and Teenage Parents


Substance Abuse Relapse Prevention Plans

We specialize in a substance abuse relapse prevention plan, providing life building skills to promote continuous recovery. Group counseling helps continue the process offering a six month aftercare program that provides a support system, with focus on abstinence techniques and problem solving.

Making a difference is our priority and goal. After completion of our outpatient program, the client continues with aftercare, which is a six month, once a week commitment at a small out of pocket fee. Continuing Care groups are facilitated by our trained, certified professionals, who monitor each client's aftercare plan, revising and updating as necessary. The focus of continuing care is relapse prevention and problem solving for the client and their families.

Outpatient Substance Abuse Relapse Prevention Program

Our outpatient program is six to fourteen weeks long.  Each client helps develop their individual treatment plan with a full assessment obtained by our professionals. The client attends group therapy 1 night a week with individual and family sessions. This may be increased depending on individual need. The client will be highly recommended to attend 2-3 NA/AA meetings per week in addition to developing a relationship with a sponsor, finding a home group and becoming involved in the fellowships social support network.

Each client participates in a thorough biological psychological and social treatment to assess for any possible underlying diagnosis and focus on any underlying issues. We have found that many chronic relapses manifest symptoms of dual disorders. Medication is frequently required in these instances to help increase the possibilities for long term gains. Alternative medicine is usually the first line of defense in these cases. Other elements and treatment areas to our approach are as follows:


  • Spiritual Counseling (Non-Denominational)
  • Chemical Dependency / Alcoholism
  • Co-dependency
  • Assertiveness Training
  • Abuse and Incest Issues
  • Family Therapy / Education
  • Nutritional Food Plan 
  • Anger management (stress reduction)
  • Vocational / Educational Assistance
  • Dual Diagnosis
  •  Relationship Issues
  • Gambling
  • Gender-specific Issues
  • Relapse Prevention Plan
    (Gorski Tract)
  • Grief Work
  • DUI Counseling
  • Intro to 12-step based programs (incorporating all self help groups - NA/AA/GA/ACOA/)


Family Program

Our family program is an important part of treatment process. We invite and encourage family members and significant others to attend family group therapy sessions and lectures. Family members are introduced to self-help groups such as Alanon, Narcanon, etc., to assist with ongoing support. We feel that families need to heal along with the client.

For out-of-towners we have instant messaging, emailing and phone conferencing.

Adolescent Substance Abuse Treatment Program

This is a six week program that will meet two days a week.  Each day will consist of two one hour sessions.  There will be two individual session held throughout those six weeks and a minimum of one family session during that time frame.  There will be a six month continuing care group that will meet once a week.  It will be anticipated that any adolescent who participates in the substance abuse treatment program will also attend the six month continuing care group.

Program Components

  • Small Group Psychotherapy
  • Character Building
  • Conflict and Confrontation
  • Guilt and Shame
  • Decision Making
  • Cross Addictions
  • Cravings Management
  • Relapse Prevention
  • Forgiveness/Resentments
  • Life Skills
  • Balanced Recovery
  • Individual Therapy
  • Family Sessions
  • Identity Building
  • Self-Image
  • Bio-Psycho-Social
  • Relationships
  • Problem Solving
  • “Saying No” – Peer Pressure
  • Stress/anger Management

Professional Urinalysis

REACH Today has teamed up with redwood-biotech to develop a system to give legally defensible results, accurate and reliable results, customized testing options and scientifically accepted testing methods.

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Redwood Toxicology Laboratory is one of the world's premier forensic drug detection laboratories offering its customers scientifically accepted, legally defensible drug detection services. 

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Redwood Toxicology Laboratory, Inc. • 3650 Westwind Blvd. • Santa Rosa, CA 95403
Phone: (800) 255-2159 • E-mail

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